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Philadelphia nursing home lawyer

If your loved one suffered from poor care or abuse, you should seek out the advice of a Philadelphia nursing home lawyer.  When preventable injuries occur, nursing homes often attempt to prevent families from understanding what happened.  It’s well known that elderly residents have suffered pressure ulcers, falls, and abuse that could have been prevented with appropriate care.   A Philadelphia nursing home lawyer will seek out the facts and hold the nursing home accountable.

Why should you call a Philadelphia nursing home lawyer?

Our attorneys have a laser eyed focus on nursing home law.  We have a special care and respect for residents who live in nursing homes, and we will treat you like part of our family.  Our lawyers have years of experience and are experts in nursing home rules and regulations.  We can help you uncover the truth about your loved one’s nursing home injury.   We hold the nursing home accountable for their actions so that other residents don’t suffer from the same abuse or neglect.

What does it cost to hire a Philadelphia nursing home lawyer?

We offer a free, no obligation consultation, and you can speak directly to an attorney.   If we believe your case has merit, we take on the expenses of the case at no up-front cost to you.   We work purely on a contingency fee; we only get paid if we secure a settlement for you.   Our lawyers are true advocates for nursing home residents and their families.  We aren’t afraid to take a case to trial, if needed, to obtain the settlement that the case deserves.  Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that the resident or family receives compensation that is fair for the injury sustained.

How does a lawyer prove the nursing home is liable for the injury?

There are several common problems in nursing homes that result in preventable resident injury.   A Philadelphia nursing home lawyer can analyze reports and determine if understaffing contributed to the injury.  Other times, a nursing home fails to properly train staff or supervise staff or residents.  Some resident injuries occur when the nursing home fails to follow safety policies or create a safe environment.

To hold a nursing home legally responsible, a Philadelphia nursing home lawyer must demonstrate that all three statements below are true:

  • The nursing home was responsible to care for the resident
  • The nursing home failed to act in a reasonable manner
  • The act or failure to act resulted in harm to the resident

There are three potential liable parties in a nursing home case.

  • Nursing home staff – staff members who provide direct care, such as caregivers and nurses, are often accountable if they failed to provide proper care to the resident.
  • Nursing home owners/manager – owners and managers can be held responsible if they failed to provide training, oversight, or appropriate levels of staffing.
  • Third-parties – sometimes, a third party may be responsible when an item used in a nursing home caused an injury. For example, if a pharmacy delivered a pill pack with an incorrect medication that injured a resident, they could have liability.


Call a Philadelphia nursing home lawyer to get started

Pennsylvania law has time limits on nursing home claims.   It’s important to reach out to a Philadelphia nursing home lawyer to start an investigation as soon as possible.   Our free, no cost consultation can provide peace of mind to families who are unsure what steps to take.   Call today for expert advice and to find out how we can help support you and your loved one during this difficult time.