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The elderly and individuals with weakened immune are most at risk.

Every year, over a million patients are hospitalized for sepsis.

Every year, over a million patients are hospitalized for sepsis. Sepsis is a complication of an existing infection that occurs when chemicals in the bloodstream trigger inflammation throughout the body. Patients frequently develop symptoms such as fever, low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, confusion, and a racing heart rate. The inflammation can result in damage to multiple organs. Sepsis can also lead to septic shock, in which a substantial drop in blood pressure often leads to heart failure, respiratory failure, stroke, organ failure, and death. The elderly and individuals with weakened immune are most at risk, although anyone can be affected.

It’s critical that sepsis is diagnosed promptly so that treatment can be initiated. Diagnosis is often confirmed by blood tests that show signs of infection or organ damage. Additional testing might be performed to determine the cause of the infection. The physician might perform blood cultures, chest x-rays, wound cultures, or obtain a CT or MRI to try to determine the source of the infection. Once diagnosed, aggressive treatment with IV antibiotics and IV fluids is used. Vasopressors, or medications that restrict blood vessels and raise blood pressure, may be needed if blood pressures don’t return to a normal level. A physician might order corticosteroids, insulin, or pain medication as well. Depending on the source of the infection, surgery may be required to remove infected tissue or pus.

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Risk Factors

Compromised Immune System


Chronic Kidney Or Liver Disease

Intravenous Catheters Or Breathing Tubes

Some sepsis infections are the direct result of caregiver negligence. It is in these situations where legal action may be possible. In some cases, sepsis can be traced back to a failure of a medical professional to properly sterilize surgical instruments. Sepsis can also occur when a nurse or physician treating a would fails to wash their hands and maintain proper infection control standards. Similarly, infection control failures that lead to sepsis can occur while inserting a catheter or caring for a tube feeding. When a physician fails to promptly diagnose and treat sepsis, it may be medical malpractice.

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A medical malpractice attorney is skilled in handling sepsis lawsuits. After establishing that a case exists, the attorney will begin gathering witness statements, medical records, and photographs to support the case. Often, an expert witness is retained to provide support to the case and sometimes testify in court. The attorney will also spearhead negotiations with insurance companies or file a lawsuit if negotiations don’t progress, handling discovery proceedings and depositions. A skilled attorney can obtain compensation for your claim based on damages including lost wages.

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