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About Us

About Us

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Nursing Home Lawyers handle serious personal injury and wrongful death that result at nursing homes throughout the region.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling nusing home neglect and abuse cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We focus on holding nursing homes that put “profits over people” accountable for their actions and relentlessly seek justice for our clients.

A Reputation of Excellence

Get Real Results For Your Loved Ones

Respected In The Region

Our reputation for excellence has earned us the respect of our peers who have recognized and endorsed our attorneys. Lawyers in Pennsylvania, and throughout the country, have put their trust in our nursing home lawyers by referring their family members and friends to consult with us on their most serious cases. They know that we won’t accept low-ball settlements from insurance companies. Instead, from day one, we carefully prepare your case and work with top experts to seek compensation for harms and losses caused by nursing home malpractice.

Pursuing Accountability

We are dedicated nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers. We work diligently to hold understaffed nursing homes accountable for the serious injuries caused in the pursuit of profit. If a nursing home won’t accept responsibility for negligence resulting in a serious injury or death, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial in front of a jury.

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Don’t navigate this alone. Call us today and speak directly with a friendly and experienced Pennsylvania Nursing Home Attorney. There are no long wait times or robots - we speak to you personally, like family.

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