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Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is non-consensual sexual contact by one person upon another. This form of elder abuse frequently goes under-reported and under-investigated.

More than 16,000 complaints of sexual abuse have been reported since 2000 in long-term care facilities.

According to federal data housed by the Administration for Community Living

Our Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers understand that nursing home sexual abuse is often spoke about in hushed, quiet voices. It’s difficult to think about this type of abuse occurring in senior care centers. Sadly, there are times when nursing home staff sexually abuse residents. Other times, its other nursing home residents who are the assailants. The Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers at our firm represent the victims of nursing home sexual abuse and seek justice from negligent nursing homes.

Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

Families who place their loved one in a nursing home often do so to provide them with the best care and services. They feel shocked, betrayed, and horrified to learn that someone they care about has suffered this horrific abuse. While some residents can alert their families to abuse, others are not. Often times, sexual abuse occurs because predators prey on vulnerable residents who cannot advocate for themselves. Therefore, it is important to know what signs to look for that may indicate that sexual abuse has occurred.

Signs to look for:

  • Bruises or welts in the genital region
  • STD infections
  • Bleeding from the vagina or rectum
  • Torn, bloody, or stained underwear
  • Sudden, unexplained changes to behavior or personality

Our nursing home lawyers will fight for your loved one like they're our own.

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Types of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can take several forms. Sexual abuse is not always physical abuse, but it can be. All sexual abuse is harmful and can cause emotional trauma for the resident. Some types of sexual abuse that commonly affects nursing home residents include:

Inappropriate Sexual Touching

Forcing the Resident to Engage in Sexual Acts

Forcing the Resident to Watch Pornography Without Their Consent

Undressing the Resident Without Providing Privacy

Failure to Monitor Residents Who Then Sexually Abuse Other Residents

Actions to Take If You Suspect Sexual Abuse

According to federal data housed by the Administration for Community Living, over 16,000 complaints of sexual abuse have been reported since 2000 in long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you suspect sexual abuse, it’s important to speak up.

  • Police – Act immediately to ensure the safety of your loved one. If you believe that a crime has been committed, or that your loved one is at imminent risk, you should inform the local police.
  • Charge Nurse and the Nursing Home Administrator – report the suspected abuse and demand an immediate investigation. Nursing homes have strict abuse investigation and reporting requirements. It’s appropriate to ask the nursing home to provide you with the results of their investigation. If they refuse, you should seek out a Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyer.
  • The State Department of Health – these agencies investigate nursing home complaints, including complaints of abuse, to determine if the nursing home has upheld federal and state regulations.
  • Adult Protective Services – The Older Adults Protective Services Act protects citizens over age 60 against abuse. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging and request to speak with the Protective Services department. Additionally, many states offer an abuse hotline that operates 24 hours per day.
  • A Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer – a nursing home abuse lawyer can help a family get to the bottom of what happened. They can help hold nursing homes liable when they neglect to keep residents safe from sexual abuse.

Preserving Evidence of Sexual Abuse

If nursing home sexual abuse is suspected, a few steps can help preserve evidence.

  • Have the resident write or verbally record a statement of their allegation
  • Don’t allow the resident to bathe or shower until physically examined
  • Bag resident’s sheets and clothes before they can be laundered
  • Discuss with the resident’s physician the options for a physical examination

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If you are concerned that your loved one has suffered sexual abuse due to poor care at a nursing home, the first step is to request the medical record. Consultation with a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney can help identify if the sexual abuse may have been avoidable and was due to nursing home neglect. Many nursing home abuse attorneys will provide a consultation at no cost to you. Additionally, contingency fee attorneys do not take a fee unless they win your case.