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Nursing Home Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes Shouldn't Be Tolerated. Learn How to Take a Stand.

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Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers see many cases of physical abuse each year from residents living in Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing homes. Our lawyers have seen the devastating consequences that physical abuse has on both residents and their families. It’s time to speak up against physical abuse and hold nursing homes accountable when they fail to protect the residents entrusted in their care. A Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyer is here to help you through this difficult journey.

What is Physical Abuse?

Physical abuse is a major form of nursing home abuse which accounts for nearly 30% of abuse complaints.  This type of abuse is often inflicted by staff members who become frustrated or impatient with residents. Residents can also suffer physical abuse from other residents who lash out at them physically. Examples of nursing home physical abuse include:

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Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Occur?

Nursing home abuse is prevalent throughout long term care for several reasons. First, many facilities understaff to minimize their expenses and enhance profit margins. Unfortunately, when staff are overworked, they can take their frustrations out on the residents. Another cause of abuse is lack of training. Many nursing home workers are not trained to capably deal with the behavioral and physical needs of nursing home residents. As a result, they respond inappropriately and commit abuse. Lastly, some nursing homes fail to properly screen nursing home staff. This exposes residents to staff members who have a history of abusive or criminal behavior.

While some episodes of abuse may inflict minor injuries, a Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyer has seen many cases in which severe injuries occur. Physical abuse can result in bruises, lacerations, burns, or broken bones. Many abusers choose to inflict physical abuse on residents who cannot speak up and advocate for themselves. Residents with dementia and mental illnesses frequently suffer from abuse at higher rates than residents without cognitive or mental health diagnoses. Therefore, it’s important to be on the lookout for the physical signs of abuse. If your loved has suffered an injury at a nursing home that is not easily explained, consider if the injury may be from abuse.

How to Report Physical Abuse

Physical abuse cannot be tolerated. Reporting abuse is a critical part in keeping nursing home residents safe. A Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyer recommends taking the following steps to report physical abuse in Pennsylvania and New Jersey:

Filing a Lawsuit for Nursing Home Abuse

When nursing home abuse results in serious injury, families should speak with an attorney to determine if a lawsuit can be filed. Physical injuries from nursing home abuse can result in significant medical expenses. Residents may require hospitalization after nursing home abuse, or they may have to undergo invasive treatments such as IV antibiotics or surgery. A nursing home abuse lawsuit can seek compensation for expenses that resulted from the abuse.

Additionally, filing a lawsuit can help send a strong message the nursing home that abuse will not be tolerated. Many of our clients tell us that holding the nursing home accountable for abuse is important to them; they want to assure that no other resident is harmed.

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If you are concerned that your loved one has suffered abuse due to poor care at a nursing home, the first step is to request the medical record. Many nursing home abuse attorneys will provide a consultation at no cost to you. Additionally, contingency fee attorneys do not take a fee unless they win your case.