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Nursing Home Abuse

Signs of abuse and neglect can be physical, but the most common Nursing Home Abuse is emotional whether verbal or psychological, when someone insults or uses threats to control a resident, it causes emotional harm.


Bedsores are avoidable pressure ulcers which often develop when a resident is too weak to adjust their body. These may be a result of long static periods of time in a wheelchair or bed.


Many times Nursing Homes understaff their facility to save money. Without adequately trained nurses and certified nursing assistants, your loved one could be the victim of neglect or abuse.

Critical Nursing Home Injuries

Has your Loved One been a victim of any negligence or injury claims? There is no wait to speak to our expert attorneys.

Residents Rights

Nursing home residents have rights and protections under federal and state law that help ensure they get the care and services they need. The right to be treated with dignity and respect is just one of the rights your loved one has. Let our team of expert attorneys review your case to ensure they're receiving all proper patients' rights, at no cost to you.

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