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How to Report a New Jersey Nursing Home Complaint

It can be difficult to understand how to handle a New Jersey nursing home complaint. Residents and their families who are displeased with treatment or care often don’t know where to turn to get a complaint addressed. Residents and families should know that there are many resources to help address their grievances. Below is a list of steps that you can take to file a New Jersey nursing home complaint.

  • Request a grievance form – Each nursing home is mandated to have policies and procedures about addressing grievances. In most homes, you can find a grievance in a common area of the facility. If you don’t know where to locate this form, ask a nurse or social services worker. Grievance forms are helpful particularly if you are visiting during at times when Department Directors are not on-site to immediately address your issue. Be sure to ask what follow-up you can expect after you submit the form; most states have requirements that you should receive a resolution within a few days.
  • Request to speak with the Social Worker and/or Department Director– Try to build a relationship with employees who are responsible for addressing your New Jersey nursing home complaint. The Nursing Home Administrator is another employee who can help address concerns.
  • Communicate specifics – Concerns are often easier to investigate and resolve if you can provide details about the complaint. Include the date, time, location, any staff members involved in your complaint. Sharing any positive experiences, in addition to your complaint, can be helpful in building goodwill with staff members.
  • Understand your rights – Nursing homes are not allowed to retaliate against residents or families who file a grievance. Many families are hesitant to report concerns out of fear of poor treatment after the report; this is strictly prohibited. If you believe you have been retaliated against for making a complaint, you should file a complaint with the New Jersey Department of Health.
  • Contact the Department of Health – The New Jersey Department of Health regulates nursing facilities and provides oversight to their operations. The New Jersey Department of Health offers a 24-hour complaint hotline:
    1. Call 1-800-792-9770
  • Contact the Ombudsman – New Jersey Ombudsman are federally mandated to advocate for nursing home residents. They can help residents and their families by listening, educating, investigating, and mediating complaints.
    1. Call 1-877-582-6995
    2. Email
    3. File an online complaint
  • Contact the Police about Crimes – If your complaint is regarding a crime, such as physical or sexual abuse, immediately contact the police. It’s important to ensure the safety of your loved one and assure perpetrators of any crimes against the elderly are promptly reported.
  • Contact a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer – The nursing home neglect lawyers at our firm are compassionate, experienced attorneys who handle serious New Jersey nursing home complaints. If your loved one has been injured by abuse or neglect in a New Jersey nursing home, our lawyers will listen to your concerns. They can also outline the legal options that you may have to file a claim. Our lawyers firmly uphold that nursing home residents deserve quality care. We can help seek justice for residents who suffer an injury while at a New Jersey nursing home. Call 888-789-3161 today or send us a message via the online form to speak directly to one of our nursing home neglect lawyers.


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