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CMS Launches Audit into Trilogy's COVID Data Revisions

Trilogy Health Services is under scrutiny by federal regulators after changing its COVID-19 death data. A USA Today investigation, “Dying for Care,” into COVID-19 deaths among nursing home chains identified that Trilogy experienced a surge in resident deaths between October 2020 through February 2021. During that time period, Trilogy reported 772 deaths within its 113 facilities.

Now, Trilogy has lowered these reported numbers by 42%, catching the attention of regulators and sparking an investigation. The report shows that the company has reduced its previous reported deaths by 325, dropping its rate to third-highest among large nursing home chains. Trilogy attributed this revision to errors in reporting in previous weekly reports. The company indicated that additional revisions may be forthcoming, as they plan to analyze data for weeks outside the time period examined during the USA Today investigation.

Many industry watchdogs expressed concerns about the data revisions. Lee Fleisher, MD, Chief Medical Officer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) indicated that federal regulators plan to closely examining the updated information. He stated, “CMS takes reports of data inaccuracy very seriously and will hold any bad actors accountable.”

Pennsylvania nursing home injury lawyer also has concerns about the data revisions. It appears that the nursing home chain either admits that their previous data reporting was incorrectly calculated and failed to meet CMS guidelines for reporting standards, or they are attempting to revise the data to improve their appearance in the public eye. Both scenarios are troubling and potentially indicate internal problems within Trilogy with accurate and ethical reporting efforts.


Nursing homes have struggled with resident deaths during the COVID pandemic. While death have fallen in the past few months, over 200,000 residents and staff have died from COVID over the course of the pandemic. A recent AARP analysis, conducted by AARP Public Policy Institute and Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University, reviewed federal nursing data. This analysis showed that over 1,000 residents died from COVID-19 in the 4-week period ending March 20, 2022.  

Pennsylvania nursing homes have racked up 11,298 COVID-19 deaths according to CMS data. Additionally, more than 1 out of every 5 nursing homes continue to suffer from staffing shortages affecting their ability to provide quality care. Over 140 Pennsylvania nursing homes reported nurse and aide staffing shortages in the April 3, 2022 reporting week. This number is a 59% increase from staffing shortages reported in May 2020. Staffing shortages of nurses and aides can negatively impact a facility’s ability to provide infection control and an appropriate level of care. 

Sadly, nursing homes have not taken all the necessary measures to protect frail seniors from COVID-19. AARP’s analysis shows that nearly 1/3 of nursing home residents nationwide still had not received their first booster vaccinations. Additionally, only 42% of staff had received the booster shot, and 12% were totally unvaccinated. Nursing homes must be held accountable to protect seniors and follow federal guidance regarding effective infection control practices at the community.  

Nursing home residents and their families who are concerned about their facility’s infection control measures should seek counsel from a Pennsylvania nursing home neglect lawyer. Nursing home are required to follow strict standards for infection control to provide for safety and protection of their residents. If your loved one suffered an infection due to poor infection control at a nursing home, contact one of our experienced and compassionate attorneys to explore your legal options. Call 888-789-3161 or send us a message via the online form to speak directly with an attorney.


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