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What Does Neglect Mean in Nursing Homes?

Family members often approach Philadelphia nursing home neglect lawyers with questions regarding nursing home neglect. Often, family members are trying to understand if the poor treatment or lack of care received at a nursing home or assisted living facility surmounts to neglect or abuse. Learning the definition of nursing home neglect and examples of what neglect looks like is an important part of fighting back and helping loved ones who are suffering neglect from their care facilities. In this article, Philadelphia nursing home neglect lawyers will define nursing home neglect, provide examples of what to look for, and outline actions to take if you believe your loved one has suffered from nursing home neglect.

Nursing Home Neglect Definitions and Statistics

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) define neglect as the failure of the facility, its employees, or service providers to provide goods and services to a resident that are necessary to avoid physical harm, pain, mental anguish and emotional distress. Neglect is a violation of resident rights.

In May 2022, over 30 nursing homes in Pennsylvania had substantiated neglect and abuse citations from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. However, this is merely a small fraction of the abuse that occurs in nursing homes. Sadly, in many cases, neglect is not properly reported and investigated, leaving residents to suffer in silence.

What is an Example of Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home neglect can come in many forms. If a resident’s needs are not being met from a care provider, then nursing home neglect may exist.  If resident neglect results in harm or injury, it’s prudent to contact Philadelphia nursing home neglect lawyers to understand your rights and legal options. Common examples of nursing home neglect include:

  • A nursing home regularly does not answer call bells in a timely manner due to short-staffing. As the result of lack of supervision, a resident suffers a fall and breaks a hip.
  • The employees of a nursing home fail to turn and reposition a resident on a regular basis per facility policies. As a result, a resident at risk for skin breakdown develops a severe bedsore.

  • The facility’s wander management system fails and a resident with dementia, who is unsafe to leave the facility unattended, leave the facility without the knowledge of staff member and suffers harm (from weather exposure, hit by a vehicle, drowns, etc).

  • A nursing assistant neglects to follow the resident’s plan of care and transfers them in an unsafe manner. As a result of this unsafe transfer, the resident suffers an injury.

  • A nurse fails to administer the proper medications or treatments, resulting in hospitalization, injury or death of a resident.

These examples are just a few of the types of neglect that Philadelphia nursing home neglect lawyers litigate regularly. There are many more examples of nursing home neglect, so it’s best to contact an attorney to inquire about your specific circumstances.

Should I File a Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit?

Nursing home neglect is often the result of a nursing home prioritizing profits over people. Most often, nursing home neglect could have been avoided if nursing home operators and owners took the proper steps to hire and train qualified staff, ensure that staffing ratios meet resident needs, and implement services and care plans to address resident health issues. However, nursing homes frequently fail to take these steps. Filing a nursing home neglect lawsuit is one course of action to hold a nursing home liable for the neglect or poor care that resulted in injury to your loved one.

Nursing home neglect can also result in significant costs for residents and their families. Many residents are culpable for expensive hospitalizations, medications, and treatments as the result of nursing home neglect. In some cases, the resident’s health status is so diminished that the resident is no longer able to return to their previous residence and have to receive additional care services for the rest of their lives.  Philadelphia nursing home neglect lawyers can seek compensation for these expenses through a nursing home neglect lawsuit.

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