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Strikes Held Against PA Nursing Home Understaffing

SEIU Healthcare PA organized a strike on May 4, 2022, to protest staffing standards in Pennsylvania nursing homes. Nearly 2,000 nursing home workers from across the state rallied outside their facilities to demand better staffing standards. Philadelphia nurse understaffing attorneys stand behind these outraged workers and support their push for better staffing standards.

Survey data gathered by the union demonstrates that 96% of nursing home workers in the state say they don’t have the staffing necessary to provide the quality of care they would like to residents.

A nursing home LPN from Oil City participating in the protest stated, “For years, we’ve watched staffing decline and budgets cut…..that just perpetuates the short staffing and makes it even harder on our residents.”  SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania president Matthew Yarnell said, “Whether it’s unanswered call bells, developing bed sores from lack of movement or getting cold food, nursing home staff don’t have time to do the basics, let alone give residents the attention and time they deserve. 

Nursing homes throughout Pennsylvania fail to provide safe staffing levels for their residents, according to Philadelphia nurse understaffing attorneys. Currently, many workers care for 20 or more residents on a shift, resulting in a lack of care and attention. Lower staffing also leads to an increased risk of pressure ulcers, falls with injury, and medical complications.


Pennsylvania lawmakers have proposed staffing changes to increase the minimum required staffing level for nursing homes to increase from the current standard of 2.7 hours per day to 4.1 hours per resident day. The lawmakers advocate that this staffing level will support improved resident activity levels, lower mortality rates, result in fewer infections and less antibiotic use. Additionally, they expect that residents will have fewer bed sores and improved mental health and pain levels.

Nursing home workers, lawmakers, and Philadelphia nurse understaffing attorneys who are concerned with resident well-being support these staffing improvements. In contrast, the owners of understaffed nursing homes continue to rally against the proposed changes, citing higher labor expenses and lower profit margins.

According to the Long-Term Care Community Coalition, Pennsylvania ranked #37 out of 50 in nursing home staffing for QA 2021. This startling statistic bodes poorly for the current residents of Pennsylvania’s nursing homes who suffer daily from understaffed facilities.

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The nursing home neglect lawyers at our firm have spent years holding nursing homes liable when understaffing results in resident injuries and deaths. Our attorneys have litigated many cases in which understaffed facilities failed to provide adequate patient care. This neglect has caused catastrophic injuries for residents, including pressure ulcers, fractures, and amputations.

If your loved one has been affected by nursing home neglect from understaffing, reach out to a Philadelphia nurse understaffing attorney for a free consultation. Our lawyers operate on contingency fee arrangements, so we never earn a fee unless we earn money for you. Call 888-789-3161 to speak with a nursing home lawyer today, or send us a message via the online form to speak directly with an attorney about your concerns. We can help you understand your legal options to fight back against neglectful nursing homes.


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The nursing home neglect lawyers at our firm understand the plight of the nation’s nursing home residents. No one should be subject to neglect and substandard care in long term care facilities. Our attorneys will partner with you to take a stand against underperforming nursing homes and seek compensation for their injuries. Call us today or send us a message to speak directly with an nursing home neglect lawyer.

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