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Employees at 39 PA Nursing Homes Prepare to Strike

SEIU Healthcare officials announced on Friday that over 2,500 union workers intend to strike at 39 nursing homes across the state unless their bargaining demands are met. According to SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, the group plans to file charges under the Unfair Labor Practices regulations. Nursing homes operated by Comprehensive, Guardian, and Priority are expected to be affected by the strike. A Philadelphia nurse understaffing lawyer shares that allegations of safety concerns are just some of the workers concerns.  

Employees Demand Nursing Home Accountability for Budget Increases

State legislature has agreed to allocate over $157 million of the remaining American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and personal care homes. Additional investments in Medicaid reimbursement will increase rates by 17.5%, providing an additional $35 of reimbursement per patient day.

Unionized nursing home caregivers demand that these state budget increases be used to support safe staffing ratios needed for quality care and to recruit and retain staff. Specifically, the contract negotiations want:

  • Wage increases for all employees
  • Employer paid health insurance
  • Successorship language included in the existing contract
  • Promises to follow new state regulation governing staffing for nursing homes.

Failure to Negotiate in Good Faith

The charges against Comprehensive, Guardian, and Priority on Friday claim that the nursing home owners refuse to provide information about their staffing and their use of agency staff. They claim that these nursing home operators are refusing to negotiate in good faith with union representatives.

Union workers are demanding written commitments from these owners to not interfere with workers’ right to unionize to demand accountability from the private equity firms and bad-actor chains that dominate the industry. They seek transparency with information needed to bargain for fair contracts that will help get nursing homes staffed to a safe level for resident care.

Nursing Home Staffing Shortages Continue

These contract negotiations are happening while the nursing home industry continues to struggle workforce deficits. July 2022 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates that the nursing home industry has sustained the worst work force losses of the entire health care sector since March 2020. A 14% workforce deficit has resulted in multiple reports of care failures for nursing home residents.

A Philadelphia nurse understaffing lawyer has seen a rise in cases against nursing homes since the pandemic, with many clients citing unsafe staffing levels as the reason for their loved one’s injuries. These injuries include preventable falls, pressure ulcers, infections and neglect that have occurred at under-staffed nursing homes.

Strike Date To Be Determined?

Union members at the 39 nursing homes represented by SEIU Healthcare will take the next few weeks to hold potential strike votes. According to a Philadelphia nurse understaffing lawyer, regulations require a 10-day notice of a strike at a health care facility. Residents and families of these nursing homes wait anxiously with fears that staffing disruptions from the strike will further disrupt resident care.

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Bad actors continue to plague the nursing home industry by siphoning funds intended for resident care into profits. Sadly, many of these bad actor nursing home chains operate throughout Pennsylvania and fail to provide appropriate, safe care to many older and disabled Pennsylvanians.

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