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What To Do If Your Loved One Has Suffered A Pressure Ulcer

A nursing home pressure ulcer attorney is on your side and is here to hold nursing homes responsible for poor care. Our attorneys have many years of experience specializing in nursing home pressure ulcers. Our goal is to obtain fair compensation for those who have suffered from painful, expensive, and preventable pressure injuries. A nursing home pressure ulcer attorney in our firm is here to help if you loved one has suffered serious harm or wrongful death caused from a bedsore.

Risk Factors for Pressure Ulcers

Pressure injuries result when unrelieved pressure from a bed or wheelchair cuts off blood flow to the underlying skin. Ultimately, lack of blood flow causes the tissue to die from lack of oxygen and creates a pressure ulcer. This ulcer can progress to an open wound. Common sites for pressure ulcers include a person’s buttocks, hips, ankles or elbows. People who live in nursing facilities are higher at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Many nursing home residents have risk factors such as incontinence, limited mobility, fragile skin, and poor intake or weight loss.

Risk Factors and Complications

These complications are very serious. They often require extended hospitalizations, surgical interventions, intravenous antibiotics, and other aggressive treatments. Sadly, some residents are not able to overcome these complications and do not survive.

How families can take action:

If you believe that a nursing home is providing poor care or is harming your loved one, be sure to take the following actions:


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