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If your loved one suffered a pressure ulcer while in a nursing home, it’s likely that you need a New Jersey Bedsore Lawyer. The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) supports that “Pressure ulcers remain a serious problem in nursing homes despite regulatory and market approaches to encourage prevention and treatment.” Bedsores occurred in 7.5% of nursing home residents in 2009, and many of these bedsores were preventable. A New Jersey bedsore lawyer can help you understand if the nursing home was at fault for your loved one’s bedsore.

What is a bedsore?

A bedsore, or pressure ulcer, is a skin and tissue injury due underlying pressure. It is a serious medical situation because bedsores can cause pain, deformity, and increased infection risk. Pressure ulcers range in severity based on the types of tissue that they affect. Common locations for bedsores include ankles, hips, sacrum (tailbone), elbows, and spine. These areas are particularly prone to bedsores because they are located above a bony prominence. When a resident remains in a single position for too long, the bony prominence can cause pressure and injury to the overlying tissue. A New Jersey bedsore lawyer can help you understand the different stages of bedsores, and whether the bedsore sustained was preventable.

Bedsores and Nursing Home Regulations

The Federal Code of Regulations for Long Term Care Facilities requires nursing homes to ensure that:

A resident who enters the facility without pressure sores does not develop pressure sores unless the individual’s clinical condition demonstrates that they were unavoidable; and

A resident having pressure sores receives necessary treatment and services to promote healing, prevent infection and prevent new sores from developing.

This rule requires nursing homes to identify residents at risk and implement a plan to prevent breakdown. This requirement is particularly important for residents who have health conditions that make them more susceptible to skin breakdown. According to a seasoned New Jersey bedsore lawyer, the nursing home is legally responsible unless it can demonstrate that all appropriate steps were taken prevent or heal the bedsore. Unfortunately, too often nursing homes fail to meet this critical responsibility.

Complications of Bedsores

Bedsores are a serious medical condition and should be closely followed and treated by a physician. Without adequate care, bedsores can cause dangerous complications. For example, complications arising from bedsores can include:


When an infection you already have triggers a chain reaction throughout your body. This is a life-threatening emergency condition


A skin and soft tissue infection that may cause warmth, redness and swelling of the area.

Bone And Joint Infections

When an pressure sore becomes infected, it can spread to joints and bones and limit their functioning


Some chronic, non-health wounds can develop into a specific squamous cell carcinoma (Marjoin ulcer)


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